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With the fast approaching Holidays and all of your hectic and very busy schedules, why don’t you think about hiring someone to send your Christmas Cards out for you?  Don’t have a gift idea for that approaching Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary or other special occasion?  Give this Card Service as a gift!  What a better way to say “thank you” to your assistant, colleague, banker, dry cleaners, newspaper delivery or children’s school teachers!


It is very simple and easy to do.  Just put a mailing list together and email that to us, mail the cards of your choice, or give us an idea of what type you prefer and we’ll even go and purchase them for you.  Then we will address, stuff and mail for you!  Done and you can forget about it and enjoy that extra time with family and friends. 


Now is the time to get those sent to us before the Holiday rush.  We will at least address them and wait until the date of your choice to mail for you.  


Just say YES to Your Everything Services!  Contact us early to confirm Holiday delivery! or email us directly at






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